Friday, December 30, 2005

King panda


Lanz said...

Burger King ads get even more disturbing. McDonalds stock prices skyrocket.

Fred said...

"I distinctly said I was on a low-carb diet! To the dungeons with you, woman!"

Generik said...

George W. Bush takes a new tack in trying to regain public support for his policies.

Andrew said...

This is a chauvinist's wet dream--

-Two women serving him,
-He can have his crotch splayed out for all to see, no one says anything.
-He doesn't have to wear underwear
-He can be as hairy as he wants and still be adored by the ladies.
-Because he's an endangered species he's encouraaged to mate with female pandas
-Looks like he just got through with some of that--- is that a cigarette?