Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Packing up the paper sky

When the curtain falls to end the show?
Do the clowns always cry
When they pack up the paper sky...

Well, folks, I think this is it.

After five and half years of daily photos, funny captions, and mocking the world as presented through the news, I think the time has come to shut down Capper Blog. Or at least go on an extended hiatus.

Let's be honest about this: the site generates very little traffic, and it never has. Beyond Lanzman -- whose continued patronage has always been appreciated, and whose captions have often made me smile or laugh out loud -- few cappers visit here with any regularity. To those of you who have, my continued appreciation. There are many other venues -- some linked in the sidebar, some I'm sure not -- where you're more likely to find your regular capping fix. There's HCC, IS, WCFF, Glitter's board, the Capper Group Facebook page -- enough that I'm not really convinced Capper Blog serves a necessary purpose.

More importantly, though, I'm not really enjoying it as I once was. I won't claim it's a chore to find funny images, but more and more, that seems like all I'm doing: finding a quota of images -- already down from 7 to 5, when I knocked the weekends out of rotation a couple of months ago -- as quickly as possible just to get it done. This weekend, I didn't even do that. The upkeep hasn't become more difficult, even if I can't exactly scour news photo sites at work, but the fun in it just isn't really there.

So, a hiatus. I don't know that I want to call it quits for good, but I do think it's time for a break.

Again, my many thanks -- not just to Lanzman, but to everyone who's visited here regularly, linked to it, told other cappers, etc. It's your captions and feedback that have made this as much fun as it was since 2005.