Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ho ho holdup


TravisBickle said...

"Okay, here's all the money, just don't kill me."
"Got it. Isn't there anything else?"
"Come on..."
"Well... I kind of want a pony."
"Done and done."

Buttermilk Sky said...

"Empty the register or I'll shoot your eye out."

Cyberbeast said...

Someone's been naughty this year.

Lanz said...

The Santanator.

Laurie2k said...

"See Timmy, Santa didn't have enough presents so he whacked the little old lady for her purse and stuffed her into a bag for Susie down the street. A good whiff of cordite doesn't seem like such a bad idea to Santa right now... catch my drift?"

Kota said...

Because I'm SANTA, and I don't HAVE TO walk through your stupid rope lined corridor, THAT'S why!