Wednesday, February 18, 2009

At the sausage factory


Fred said...

"Whose intestine was this again?"

Generik said...

"You may already be a wiener. And you! You may already be a wiener! You, too! You may already be a wiener! Hey, you may-"

Eventually his coworkers were acquitted. The judge ruled justifiable homicide.

Lanz said...

Medical staff at Cedars Sinai reveal the world's largest hemorrhoid.

open sourcing, miscellanizing, reconstructing. said...

Hi Fred,

I used this picture in a presentation I gave about transparency (using the sausage factory metaphor) for a class using the fair use copyright exception for educational purposes. I'd like to post it on as an open educational resource, but in order to do so, I need permission of the author, since it is not posted under a Creative Commons license.

The presentation is called "Policy, Tools, or Culture? Exploring Pathways to Open Processes." And the slide heading says, "Do we really want to see the sausage factory?"