Tuesday, October 30, 2007

So somehow, when nobody was watching, Caption Blog turned two years old. That's two years of culling the daily news for interesting, odd, and lampoon-worthy images. And two years of people -- okay, mostly the same two or three people -- making funny and sarcastic comments about those pictures. And, with rare exception, it hasn't missed a day. This here is my 740th post!

One could argue that Caption Blog is sort of the ugly, redheaded stepchild of the caption world, certainly less popular than its closest cousins, but I prefer to think of it as the Chuck Cunningham of caption sites -- that one you think you visited once, long ago in the dead of night. And maybe you even posted a caption there, or read one you thought was a little funny...but then you heard that the Fonz was out back behind Arnold's, jumping over something on his motorcycle, and that was that.

But still, my thanks to those of you who keep coming back, to post funny comments or just to sit back, read them, and laugh. The site's pretty low-maintenance for me, but it wouldn't be half as much fun if it was just me posting pictures here by my lonesome. Here's to two (or, lord help us) twenty more years!

And while I'm at it...does anyone have any favorite captions that have been posted since 2005? Any that stick out in your mind?


Generik said...

Congratulations on two years, Fred, and thanks for your diligence.

I know there have been a few captions here that have made me literally laugh out loud over the past 24 months, but I'm damned if I can remember what any of them are any more.

Wait - what were we just talking about?

BTW, apropos of nothing, the word verification word right now is "ihasrwm". Is that one of those LOLCAT (or LOLCHAK) things? I can has ringworm?

Aaron said...

2 years??? That's UnReal!!!
WOOOOO!!! I crack myself up!!!

Lanz said...

Two years already?!? How the time doth fly.

You'd think more cappers would indulge themselves here. It's one image a day, plenty of time to savor the possibilities, and yet with instantaneous gratification.

Fred said...

What I've heard -- and this is really only from one capper, very early after I started the blog -- is that it's easy to feel uninspired by the day's image. With IS, HCC, or Glitter's, if you can't think of a cap, you wait until the next screengrab. Here, you don't have that luxury.

Then again, you don't have it with WCFF, and that's never lacked for cappers.

It's not something that really upsets me or anything. I'd love to have more cappers here, but I'm happy to have the few who come back and the rare appearance by others.

Laurie2k said...

Fred, have I told you lately that you're just the best? Well you are. (HUG)